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HELLOOO! I’m here, last week was a difficult one to keep up with things; after 2 weeks of non-stop travel, my body took a small hit. It all started with my best friends wedding on Saturday, Sunday trip to LA, back to Miami on a red-eye on Wednesday, sick-day on Thursday (although never completely stopped working), Friday flight to Colorado for the long weekend, worked Tuesday on a plane and arrived to Miami, Wednesday and Thursday my boss was in town, Friday prepared for a big event, Saturday big event day, Sunday REST. OMG! It’s now 11:20 PM and really want to get this post out for you early Monday morning so, here we go.

Aly Raisman is a six-time Olympic medalist and after reading her book, FIERCE, I have so much respect for the girl. Through-out the entire book, she defines mental toughness; day in and day out she workout not only body but her mind to achieve her ultimate dream, to be an Olympian. When she finally got there, she “failed”, nearly gave up her career until she let herself realize she wanted MORE; she wasn’t done and didn’t stop working until she made it. again.

Coming from an “athlete” background (for those of you who don’t know, I played volleyball for a very long time) I know we should defend our side of the game. My coach would always tell me, focus on your side of the court, not what happens in front of you and now, years later after being done playing competitively, I still find that advice relevant. We cannot control what happens around us but we, for sure can control our game. Aly Raisman, “failed” in 2012 London Olympics because she wasn’t competing for herself; she was constantly thinking about the bad outcomes, how she could have practiced more and put too much energy on other’s mistakes.

By focusing on other’s mistakes and injuries, mistakes Aly could also make and injuries she could also get, she blocked herself out of her dreams. The mind is our MOST powerful tool. What we think, we become. Whether we think we can or we can’t, we are right. Do not forget this.

ACTION: Today, I want you to think about YOU. What are your dreams? What do YOU really want to do? Don’t overthink think it. Choose the first dream that comes to your mind. Write it down on a post-it and past it on your bathroom mirror. Let that post-it be what drives you every morning to chase your dream. Like Aly said on her book, “Don’t let anyone tell you what’s best for you. Listen to advice, and weigh it carefully, but remember that you should be the one making the decisions. Most of the time, you know what’s best for you.” 

Lastly, give it your all. Get up, dress up, put some red lipstick on and never stop.

++ If you are looking for an inspirational, easy to read book, Aly Raisman’s book FIERCE is a great choice. Find it here

As always, THANK YOU so much for reading. Leave me your thoughts/comments below or email me at belen (at) – Love talking to you guys >3

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