We all have dreams. My dreams in particular have to do with my lifestyle; which is the reason why I started this blog. In here, I decided to chase my dreams and share my experiences with all of you because I believe we all deserve to live the life we want. I love to work, I love business but I also love feeling at peace, eating well, living an active life, traveling and dressing well. It might sound shallow to some but it’s the truth… my dream has always been to own my own business and this is my pathway towards that.

Along these years, I have learned a few things and today I want to share with you, how to follow your dreams. I don’t think there’s a recipe for this but you can draw inspiration from the steps here and apply them to your life.

1. What’s your dream? Do you want a glamourous life, do you want to work for a multinational corporation? Do you want to live on an island? What’s THE dream! Explore your mind and write it down.

2. Where are you now? Are you in school? Are you working? Wherever you are… make sure it’s aligned with your dream. Meaning, if you plan to be a fashion designer and are working at a bank; that’s probably not the correct strategy. Make sure wherever you are is in the pathway to where you want to go.

3. Make a plan: Yeap, we are back at plans. I think plans are extremely important when you are trying to a achieve something. You need a plan about your business; what is it you are trying to achieve, what do you want to share with the world? But, also very important… a financial plan… How much do you have in the bank? What can you invest? How much do you need to save up before you quit your 9-5?

4. Accept struggle – What do I mean by this? When people chase their dreams, struggle will happen. At some point, you will ask yourself: Is it worth it? I hope you always answer YES! You will probably have to have a 9-5 and work on your project at night… accept it, it’s part of the journey.

5. Never give up – There are times when you will feel down… there will be times when your friends are having a blast and all you do is work. Remember, good things come to those that make a sacrifice. You are sacrificing some good times for a better life; that beats every party, every nice trip and every dinner at an expensive restaurant.


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