We all have dreams. Whether it’s a dream about getting married, raising a family, being a soccer mom, traveling the world, live on an island, work from home, own a company, work for a multi-national corporation, change the world… everything starts with a dream.

In my opinion, a dream is all you need to spark your life. Without dreams, desire, there is no emotion; what’s a life without emotion? This post is dedicated to all you dreamers out there. It is because of people like you, like me that this world is what it is… Ordinary people dared to dream and achieve, so why shouldn’t we?

career plan - follow your dreams

There are many things that keep us from achieving our dreams and today I will list some tips to follow in order to help you achieve your life dreams!

  • Plan: A dream without a plan is only a dream. In order to make your dream come true… plan it J (No, I don’t mean stalk people to be your boyfriend if you want to get married… I mean, if you have a significant other, plan out when it would be appropriate to get married… are you financially stable to make the move? Things like that)
  • Set a timeline: Sometimes in the planning part, we forget to mention the timing. This is important because are you going to work on your plan for 2 years or 5 years? Make sure you give yourself a reasonable timeline so that you don’t get overwhelmed because that won’t make your dream or life enjoyable.
  • Get the resources: Although we think we can be superwomen, we can’t do it all alone. Find a partner in crime… support is needed through this process. In my case, for example, my resources are: mom, boyfriend and sister. I wouldn’t be able to do this and hold a full-time job on my own.
  • Be organized: Ok, you have a plan, a timeline, and help/support but do you have structure? Make sure you do! Keep track of your financials, keep track of your revenues, keep contracts safe, and don’t overbook yourself. It could lead to disaster.
  • Be open: Make sure you are open to change. Plans are great, but reality will always pop-up when you least expect it. Make sure you are adaptable and react quick to change! This is a fast-paced world girly.
  • Leave fear behind: Fear is your enemy but it is also your adrenaline. Make sure to use “fear” to your advantage. Let fear spark a sense of fearless attitude; you will need it when you are pitching a story or closing a business deal.
  • Jump!!! GO CHASE YOUR DREAMS NOW. The time is NOW, not tomorrow, not next year. Stop thinking about it, be reckless, try something new, the world might just love you.

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