Hi girls! It’s 12:19 am as I’m writing this post. Went on a date with one of my besties after work and got home at 11pm. I’m traveling on Saturday to Colorado with my family and tomorrow (today?) is Friday which means I’m doing something fun after work sooo, I had to pack and now, I’m writing this for you :). This outfit is from the 4th of July weekend! We went to Naples, Florida for the weekend and I wore this to dinner one of the days we were there. As you probably know by now, I LOVE wide-legged pants 🙂

summer dinner outfit summer dinner outfitsummer dinner outfit summer dinner outfit

Here’s what I wore:

Pants: Lou & Grey  Top: Banana Republic  Sandals: Michael Kors  Hat: Mine is from Ecuador, but here is an option!  Purse: Dooney & Bourke

On Saturday I’m off to Colorado on a road trip, so make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook and snapchat for daily updates of my trip! 

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