Technology like fashion is constantly changing and new trends are quickly outdated…..Everyday there’s a new trend and normally a celebrity is wearing the “cool” style and there you see, thousands of girls making that next online purchase so they can be the first ones to wear it. Next week, the same thing happens over and over again. The fashion industry is such a fast faced industry, and people wouldn’t normally know this but fashion trends are set easily 6 months in advance; I don’t even know where I’ll be working in the next 6 months! Fashion is indispensable and disposable at the same time. With fashion companies like Zara and H&M, it’s easy and cheap to be trendy. But is being trendy all there is about fashion?

The answer is no. Fashion are little staples that fall into your personal style; fashion trends appear, disappear and come back again. This is what happened when we started wearing these thick belts on our waist… that’s from our mom’s time and we wore them again not too long ago and some of us are still wearing them. Fashion trends also explain the choker come back! You were probably rocking them in middle school and you are rocking them again 10 years later. My best friends mom once told us, always buy good stuff because it’s an investment; you never know when you are going to stop wearing it. I loved that she said that because she literally uses purses, jeans, jewelry from when she was in her 20s.

thats so last season thats so last season thats so last season thats so last season

So, why are we so invested in selecting and determining if something is this or that season? If fashion is always coming back years and years later, we should be more worried about getting to know more about ourselves and feeding that personality to our style. “So Last Season” is just a claim for consumerism (which I admit, I’m very guilty of) but truth be told, there’s something magical about wearing a top or jeans that have been with you for different stages of your life. In these series, we celebrate the story behind a piece of clothing because that’s what people don’t see about fashion: it’s our way of communicating with the world our story; in our own terms.

In this post I’m showing you how to wear and re-invent your outfits with the same top. Our Chrome Rounder Top can be used for the office or for the weekend with your choice of pants, jeans and shoes. Accessories, like I said before are what can really change an outfit depending on the trends. Check this belt, hat, necklace and scarf! Do you recycle your clothes? In which pieces do you invest?


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