Hi! I took a break from instagram but now I am back! but my return hasn’t been what I expected. I thought I’d be fully ON and back to how I used to be 3 weeks ago but, something changed. 

My first day back, I felt tired. I found, social media exhausts me. Obviously not in a physical way but, mentally. I’m not sure how to describe it or even if any of you feel this way but I just find scrolling, and watching a bunch of stories to consume me. 

I’ve said it before and I know instagram is crucial in my work with A Hint of Life so I’ve really worked hard to determine how I’m going to use the platform to really, really, help and inspire YOU and many others. 

I decided to set boundaries for myself and how I use the platform. I’ll list my boundaries here and I highly suggest you do the same. Get a notebook and write down the do’s and don’ts of using the platform. 

I encourage you to use the platform to help you, teach you, uplift you. The platform, whether it’s instagram, or facebook, or anything else, should be a learning, growth source. Not a gossipy, look at my life source. 

Social media shouldn’t consume your energy. It should fill you up with more, more, and MORE energy to keep going and do the things you want. 

The great thing is, WE are in-charge of our experience. We choose who we follow and whose profile we visit 🙂 

Here are the boundaries I set. I’m curious to know the ones you’ll set for yourself. Hit reply and let me know ♥️ 
1. I only open the app to post content that can help and inspire others. 
2. 15 minutes to engage with others 
3. 30 minutes to reach out to new online friends 
4. Only once all my work is DONE can I go through more mindless content.

How are you setting boundaries?

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