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For me, skin care has always been before make-up. So much so that my closest friends and family refer to me as the person that was born “old”. My younger self always gravitated towards more “grown-up” stuff like cleaning, ironing, going to my mom’s coffee dates with friends, watching “novelas” instead of cartoons – you get the point; right? I’m somewhat of a bore (ha ha). But going back to skincare, the moist, softness and deliciousness of good quality lotions and creams make me feel full of happiness and satisfaction so, I encourage you to invest in good quality skincare products as they will make you feel like you are gliding out of a spa appointment but (Reality Check!) you are in your bathroom.

Here are some of my skin care products I recently ran out of (and re bought!)

1. Glossier Priming Moisturizer I have talked about this face moisturizer a couple of times now (see here) and it’s just because it’s so great for my skin. Last month I bought my 4th round of priming moisturizer and there is no stopping. It’s soothing and does not make the skin oily. My skin is a combination of dry and oily and this moisturizer has served it well. Also, it’s pretty great how it evens out the color of your skin every time you put it on. I’m not saying you’ll look like a super model after putting it on but, you will look more awake and less can even go about your day without makeup (at least, that’s what I do!).Glossier-Priming-Moisturizer-01

2. Glossier Super Pure Serum I started out with Glossier with the priming moisturizer and a serum (Super Glow) but my next time around, moved on to the Pure serum because it contains niacinamide and zinc; according to Glossier, these two components soothe redness and help calm blemishes, respectively. I find it to be really helpful with zits and also to serve as a pre-moisturizer as it makes the lotions absorb faster.Supers_PDP_Pure_04-compressor3. Ultra Repair Cream This cream came in one of Create & Cultivate’s gift bags last year and it sat on my bathroom counter for a while. It never occurred to me that it was a body lotion? Until one day about 2 months ago, I saw it there being very lonely and picked it up. OMG! It’s amazing. You can use it on your face and all over your body. The cream is a bit heavy but it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy which I love. For me though, it’s a bit expensive but think it’s worth it. First Aid Ultra Repair Cream

What I wore on the picture above? Jeans: Here, Here, Here  Top:Ann Taylor (Here, Here)

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.

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