When you are in a point of your life when nothing makes sense and you need uplifting, motivation and happiness, Gabby Bernstine, most commonly known as “The Spirit Junkie” shares valuable content about how to make a change in your life for the better. She teaches out of experience, which is one of the reasons I truly believe in her words as she changed her life from an addictive lifestyle (she was addicted to drugs) to a more spiritual and happy life.

Gabby owned a PR agency based out of NY and was making tons of money; she thought that by chasing more (money), more happiness would come her way. She was young, pretty and successful yet, she wasn’t happy. Gabby used drugs to keep her upbeat, New York lifestyle going. Working in PR, she constantly needed to be networking, building relationships and attending events; although in the beginning of the career, this life seemed “The Perfect Life”, later on she realized it wasn’t fulfilling her at all. That’s when she immersed herself in really understanding her brain, her feelings and listening to her heart to follow what truly made her happy.The Spirit Junkie In Your Life

Fast forward and Gabby was able to quit her PR agency and focus fully in helping others (while helping herself). She teaches courses, writes books, blogs and speaks at conferences. I missed one of her conferences at FAU (a local school in South Florida) and was totally bummed! (total girl crush) but, the universe had my back. In the beginning of the year, Gabby was the open speaker at #GirlbossRally – finally!! listened to her story, her advice on career and on life.

As I told you guys in this past post, building a business while working full-time is, as you can imagine, very time consuming and often I neglect special time with friends and family – patience also runs out very easily. To-do lists are always on-going and when sleep is not a constant thing, my family gets the worst of me. So, I’ve decided it’s time to go on The Spirit Junkie Journey.  From listening Gabby speak online and in-person, her story is already familiar to me so, I’m going to move forward and read her newest book The Universe Has Your Back – in which Gabby teaches to stop chasing life and truly start living it.

If you feel like you are a bit out of tune with your life, I recommend you read this book along with me. If you are a little hesitant to believing Gabby Bernstein’s words, I recommend you read her story before you take it to the next level with “The Universe Has Your Back”.

What books are you reading yo help with balance and happiness? I want to know – Email me at belen (at) ahintoflife dot com – Thanks!!

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