Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sooo excited to finally share with you my bubble bath experience you all heard me talk about last week on my instagram! I loooved it because it wasn’t a regular, average bubble bath; I made my bubble bath with essential oil recipes! You know how essential oils smell soo delicious?! Well, turns out we can include them in our baths and have a total #zen moment for yourself. I chose to have my #zen moment last Friday night… because that’s how I like roll on my Fridays; me, myself, and I; Who’s with me?! Well… let’s get on with the show!

Let me tell you all about these essential oil recipes:

These Essential Oil Recipes Made My Bubble Bath Easy and Natural

So, there’s this company called Simply Earth , they make monthly essential oil recipes and put them on a box. These boxes are sent out to people’s houses and when they arrive to the specific home, the lucky person to receive the box can use these essential oil recipes to have more #zen and natural life moments. Does that make sense?

Ok, so I recently received Simply Earth’s December Essential Oil Recipe Box and the first thing that came to my mind was… BUBBLE BATH! I can’t remember the last time I took one so I made it my mission to make this new dream of mine come to life. It sounded SO perfect: Dreamy Vibes station on Spotify, a glass of Pinot Noir, bubbles, essential oils and not a worry on my mind… Doesn’t it sound dreamy?!

Now that my dream vision is on my mind, the planning process starts. Luckily, Simple Earth makes it EXTREMELY easy to plan and create. The essential oil recipe box comes with 6 different recipes; think of bath bombs, bath salts and lip scrubs. AKA all the things we want but don’t want to spend the cash on at department stores or expensive beauty stores. At least, that’s my case.

Creating my Essential Oil Bath Salts:

These Essential Oil Recipes Made My Bubble Bath Easy and Natural

To be completely honest with you guys, I initially wanted to make the bath bombs but I wasn’t diligent enough and didn’t read that you needed 24 hours so that the bath bombs could be concise and ready for the bath. As I learned about this on Friday night as I filling up my tub with water, I decided to be flexible and go for the bath salts! BEST DECISION EVER!

The bath salts were SO easy and FAST to make. Literally, it took me about 5 minutes to make and the best part was that the recipe instructed me to use the “Breathe Easy” essential oil which was my favorite smell out of the 4 essential oils in the December Box.

YES! you get 4 essential oils, PLUS the recipes, PLUS containers, PLUS ingredients to make the most natural, zen and healing combinations to include in your life for ONLY $39 a month. WHAT?!! Keep reading for more… discount code at the end!

The BEST Part: Enjoying the Essential Oils Recipe in my Tub!

These Essential Oil Recipes Made My Bubble Bath Easy and Natural

The part we have all been waiting for! THE BATH. OMG! I had the most relaxing Friday night. I don’t know about you but I crave being alone. It allows me to really think about myself, the things I’m doing and how I can get better. I really recommend all of you guys to give yourselves time for yourselves. I had a friend in college that once told me: The best time spent, is the time spent on yourself. And now, I truly and fully live and believe in that.

Nourish yourself, challenge yourself, learn, grow, expand your mind, your horizons. It’s the best thing you can do your yourself and your loved ones! Remember you need to help yourself before you help others 🙂

These Essential Oil Recipes Made My Bubble Bath Easy and Natural

Back to essential oils! Obviously the bath salts weren’t going to make bubbles so I went to get unscented bubble soap because… I wasn’t going to take naked pictures; you know? haha so… naturally, I got my bubbles, my bath salts and enjoyed my night!

Breathe Easy Blend was a match made in heaven for me… it made me SO relaxed. I felt like I was at a spa and wanted to stay in the bath for EVER!

Quick Tip: make sure the water is warm but NOT hot! I nearly burned my skin off haha and was sweating but in the end it was good because it detoxified my pores!

Why Simply Earth and Their Essential Oil Recipes Box?

These Essential Oil Recipes Made My Bubble Bath Easy and Natural

Truly, I felt like a princess last Friday night. Once I was done with my bath, I curled up in bed to watch some Netflix and slept like a baby.

I will say, it’s necessary to fully read the recipes before jumping into creating them because it WILL happen that you might need 24 hours or need an extra ingredient that didn’t come in the box. ALTHOUGH most of the ingredients are things you keep at home like: baking soda or corn starch – so nothing to really worry about.

Simply Earth is changing the game in at home leisure, in my opinion. Who knew it could be so easy AND affordable to create a little spa in your own home?! Seriously, at only $39 a month for a full-on essential oil recipe box, it’s a NO BRAINER. If you love feeling pampered, feeling like a princess, feeling #zen or simply LOVE natural DIY projects and products, Simply Earth is for you, bestie!

Here’s the surprise! I have a code for you guys! When you purchase the Essential Oil Recipe Box, use code AHINTOFLIFEFREE and get a $20 gift card for your next purchase! Simply Earth has a great selection of essential oils, essential oil blends and diffusers, so make sure to check those out as well!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience with Simply Earth and my relaxing bath from this past Friday. I really really enjoyed making this post and think the product is amazing for all of you guys who want to something fun and chill to do at home. The quality of the product is great too and that’s why I’m sharing it with all of you! PLUS the price is out of this world; you know?

Last Remarks!

Remember to use the code AHINTOFLIFEFREE at checkout to receive your $20 gift card when you buy the Essential Oil Recipe Box

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