Things I love and hate about my valentine. Valentines Day Things I love and hate about my valentine. Valentines Day Things I love and hate about my valentine. Valentines DaySince it’s February, I kind of feel the need to talk about love and valentines. With Valentine’s being next week, I thought I could write a little bit about my relationship with Luis.

Although in all of my pictures with Luis, you see me smiling, that is not always the case. Luis and I are very, very different and even though it makes our relationship fun and not monotone… sometimes we want to kill each other, or better yet, I want to kill him because he was waaay too much patience with me!

Here are some things I love about him:

  • His smile
  • His free spirit
  • His sense of humor
  • His restlessness

Here are some things I don’t love so much about him: 

  • His free spirit
  • His sense of humor

As you can see, 2 of the things I love so much about him are the 2 things that I don’t like about him! (I hope I’m not the only one this happens to!) I don’t know if you believe in zodiac signs but just as a reference, I’m a virgo. I’m type A and everything has. to. be. perfect. at. all. times. I. need. a. plan. at. all times. you see what I mean? So, his free spirit is great because nothing is ever boring and he always thinks outside the box (this is awesome too for my blog:)…) but sometimes it gets in the way of my “planning head”. Luis just wants to go wherever and I have to know where we are stopping along the way. His sense of humor is cool but not so much when all he does is pick on me every single day!

What I’m trying to say here is that in all relationships there’s good and there’s bad but that’s what makes them great. I believe the people in a relationship have to be different to complement each other and to help each other grow. If you are in a relationship that is holding you back, not allowing you to grow, to explore, to learn… it’s time to let go. Luis helps me grow my patience every single day 🙂 He’s smart and has a vision so I have to learn to be very patient with his free ways so we can focus on things that matter and not fight.

I hope you are all in beautiful relationships! They can make your life that much richer but when you are in a negative one, it can pretty much ruin your life. Sometimes you just have to listen to your head. What do you love & hate about your Valentine??? Tell me 🙂 

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