As some of you may know already, this past August we were in Colorado to drop of my brother and sister as they moved to our favorite state for work and school. My brother graduated from college and got a job in Colorado and my sister transferred schools. Because my brother has been away from home since 2011, I’m more used to him not being around the house but it’s the first time in my life that I’m away from my sister; if you have siblings, you probably know that the bond you cultivate with the sibling left behind when the other goes off to college, is much stronger and this is what I had with my sister.

All memories seem like happy ones, although at the moment, they probably made us so mad we thought we could kill them. My sister and I are very different, as most sisters are, and although she’s younger than me, it seemed as though she was my mom! She knows everything about keeping a house together, something I’m still trying to figure out. When it comes to home stuff I’m very lazy so she got mad at me when there was only one cookie left in the box and I wouldn’t throw it away! Or when I asked a million times how to make steel cut oats although she would “teach” me every weekend (I just could never remember… but now I do!) Working out is usually a good experience for anyone but ours never seemed to go smoothly; she always wanted a long workout and I wanted to be out of there within 30 minutes.

Things I miss about my sister

But there’s always good, good memories too, as I’m sure you have also experienced! When we were bored we would run to the grocery store to buy ingredients to bake something yummy. And even better, shopping with your sister is one of the best experiences because neither of you is afraid of hurting each other’s feelings; my sister and I would go to the mall and spend waaay too much money on my LOFT card. If you are the little sister, shopping with your big sis is a win, win, because she’s most probably going to buy anything for you.

Little sisters are our biggest weakness; when we are younger they want to be like us and it seems like it’s a burden to carry but as we grow older the pressure of being a good example feels good and when they finally grow up and go on their way, things you think you won’t miss, always come back to haunt you.

Tell me, what do you miss from living close to your siblings?


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