How time change is messing up my workout schedule

So, I’ve been having a really hard time with the time change this year. I love that the days seems longer at night but with the sunrise being so late into the morning, it’s SO hard for me to get up early to workout.

As you know I’ve been doing the BBG workout from Kayla Itsines and I like to do it in the morning because it sets my day up for success. When people say that working out in the morning gives them more energy through-out the day, they are not lying. It’s not that it gives you more energy but your perception of the day changes; you are filled with “mind” energy, your head is clear and you are ready to go. I LOVE that feeling so I’ve been good for the past 12 weeks or so to wake up at around 6:45am, workout done by 8am and kick-start my working day by 9am.

I’m a crazy freak about my schedule and to be completely honest, a crazy freak about controlling my day and not letting the day, time control me. So, the past 2 weeks have been getting me a frustrated because I DO NOT STAND A CHANCE with time change!  I mean, I know I’m probably exaggerating and there are ways to combat the time change blues but I haven’t found the solution…yet.How time change is messing up my workout scheduleI TRY to wake up at 7am, set a million alarms but end up waking up and out of my bed at around 8:30am – 8:45am (okay maybe 9am) so then, I have to rush to eat breakfast, get ready and start my workday. My workday doesn’t start (meaning I don’t sit down in front of my computer until around 10:30am) which completely messes me up because I have TONS to do so I’m not done working until late at night. The past 2 weeks have going like this

9am: wake up

rush, breakfast, get ready, calls, texts

10:30am: start workday

2:30: rushed lunch

5:30pm: break and head to gym

6:45 – 8:00pm: finish workday (the other day I finished my workday at 9:45pm)

9:00pm – 1:00am: blog work, relax, family, boyfriend, friends, etc…

IT’S A VICIOUS CYCLE and I NEED HELP. I’ve tried to go to sleep early, take my calm water, drink sleepy tea but nothing seems to work.

Are you guys going having trouble with this? Or am I alone here?

I decided to write this blogpost and not just share it on my instagram because I’m truly asking for help as crazy and funny as it sounds! hahaha Please please please, leave me any suggestions on the comment section below, email me or send me a DM on instagram – I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

**Disclosure: I’m not willing to take sleeping pills, so anything outside of that… I’ll do 🙂

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