A Healthy Relationship

I have had these problems before… to many dreams, too many goals that your relationship goes to the side. Yup! Guilty.

My boyfriend and I are even trying to do a business together so imagine my crazy self on week nights and weekends… all I want to do is think of our next steps for the business. Hold it crazy girl! The boy needs attention J

So, here are the things we do to keep us from falling apart.

  1. Love much – Yes. Make sure to love your boyfriend/girlfriend very much and vice versa. An ambitious person needs a partner. Make sure he/she understands you.
  2. Decide on work days and chill days – For us, normally during the week we have 1 day to be “chill-day; we watch movies, eat out, etc. During the weekends we combine. In the mornings we work, at night we enjoy life. It’s important to set boundaries.
  3. Keep him/her on the loop – During the workweek it’s important to remind yourself to keep your loved one in the loop. Sometimes we get too “into” our job that we feel they wouldn’t understand and that they don’t even care, but they do. Integrate them, talk to them, this will draw you closer.
  4. Choose one day to do NOTHING – I LOVE these days. Maybe like once or twice a month, pick a day and schedule it with just fun things. No work allowed, no worries allowed. Beach day, road trip day, shopping day, movie day, tourist day… you pick and have fun together!

One of the hardest things in keeping a Tips on having a healthy relationship with your partnerhealthy relationship when you are both busy is to find balance. With these tips, you’ll find it easier to manage your love life. In life, there’s time for everything, you just have to learn to manage your time.

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