This post is sponsored by U by Kotex but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Last month, I had the opportunity to serve my community with packing 700 bags with period products for women in schools less fortunate. It was an incredible experience! It felt sooo good to help others in need, specially with a subject that, to be completely honest, I was very naive about. I’m thankful that U by Kotex is taking the initiative to help women in need have a chance at a better life by providing period products like tampons, pads and liners so that they are able to function in their daily lives!

U by Kotex donates 5 million period products; tampons, pads, liners for all!

Keep on reading to learn more about the period product issue U by Kotex is trying to solve, how they are doing it and how you too can help: 

The truth about women in need with period products 

1 in 4 women have struggled to purchase period products in the past year due to lack of income. To be honest, before working with U by Kotex on this initiative, I was completely blind about this harsh truth. It might make me sound ignorant but this is a thought that never crossed my mind. How do homeless women take care of themselves during their period? Or not even homeless women; how do women with less economic possibilities, purchase enough period products? It never occurred to me; but now I know. Now, you know too. 

How U by Kotex is taking action to help women with period products

U by Kotex® is the founding sponsor of The Alliance for Period Supplies. This new national organization (founded in May 2018) helps ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products required to participate fully in daily life. 

Their mission is: 

  • To raise awareness of the millions of women living in poverty who miss out on daily life because they lack access to period supplies. 
  • Support the nationwide development and expansion of community-based period supply initiatives capable of providing a reliable supply of period products to individuals in need
  • Distribute period products and funding to community partners/community-based period supply initiatives
  • Advocate for legislative changes to make period supplies more accessible and affordable regardless of income

How to join the cause with U by Kotex 

U by Kotex joined forces with Walmart to help with the reach of this amazing initiative and the results were incredible!! During the month of October, 5 Million Period Products were donated to women in need and Walmart donated $25K to the Alliance of Period Supplies to help the organization with their mission that so incredibly needed! The offer still stands, for every purchase of U by Kotex – U by Kotex will donate 2 products. So, if after reading this, you feel like you want to help out a woman in need – head to your local Walmart and purchase a U by Kotex product!

As I talk about the topics of health and fitness, I can’t imagine not having period products in my life when I need them most. Having been an athlete for a big part of my life, those period products come in very handy – I even feel guilty for never having thought about the issue other women might face in buying them.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to be of service, to help others, to start an organization and just… help. I’m so incredibly thankful for this opportunity. For the opportunity to be a voice, a media outlet, a story-teller and tell you about the issue and give you an opportunity to help. By buying a U by Kotex product at our local Walmart, we are literally giving another woman, a resource during their period to live a normal life – a life we all deserve. 

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