Hii!! As you might have noticed, I’ve been missing from the online world for 2 weeks. It was an unexpected, unplanned two week vacation from blogging but despite my “freak out” moments the first few days, it turned out to be a really great “vacation”.

This two week hiatus from the blog was unexpected because I was overloaded with work from my full-time job. I traveled to LA, came back home to a really bad cold, couldn’t take time off because I had to plan for a really big week (last week) and then had to fully execute my big week so, I didn’t really take a vacation per se but it liberated my mind a bit from always thinking about creating content.

I feel like I always say this but although I freak-out the first few days I’m not working on the blog, the breaks come as a blessing for clearing the mind and really focusing on the quality of content I want to create for all of you. A lot of times, the blogging world can consume you because you don’t want to be left behind but in reality, quality content wins over quantity and having little breaks here and there allow for better quality, useful content.

So! Here’s a little recap of what went on the last 2 weeks: 

  • COLD!! High fever, body aching and working from bed. Not much rest.

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

  • Feeling better dinner date with Luis

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

  • Big week, sleepy face at work. Not much rest either but great results!

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

  • Mid-week happiness: Luis’s graduation!

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

  • Big week over, time to sweat it out

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

  • Saturday rest day —> italian book, brain challenge.

Unexpected two week hiatus from online world

Like I said, not much of a vacation but a clear blogging head indeed.

Writing this post on my plane ride to Atlanta. Will be here for work until Wednesday 🙂

Takeaway from this story? Can’t stop. Won’t stop. —> Having said that, taking mind breaks is necessary to keep you functioning at your highest level. Don’t compromise your health for work.

xo Belen


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Working behind the scenes, XoXo. Keep it up, we love u


Thanksgorgeous girl x

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