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Using Feng Shui to Boost Positive Energy in Your Life

{By: Brigitte Evans} Positive energy flow in our living space provides us with peace and balance in our daily lives. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has a lot to teach us about using different decor items, and layouts to achieve a balance of energies known as Qi.

Using the steps below will help you increase the positive energy and health of your living space:

Get rid of the clutter

A cluttered house equates to a cluttered mind in the realm of Feng Shui! Having a home that is organized can bring a lot of positivity into your life. At times this process is not so easy as we need to get rid of a lot of unnecessary items, that don’t serve a purpose, just take up space. But we tend to be attached to most of them, and that material attachment is by no means beneficial to us. So, the solution here is to keep the memories and get rid of the items – that is the best possible way to introduce the positive energy flow into your home.

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Let nature and light into your home

Our depression is often fueled by the lack of light in our homes. So, get as much natural light as possible, bring in plants to liven up the space and create better air quality, and make sure you open the windows on the regular basis to increase the freshness and oxygen levels in your home. You should also consider investing in a HEPA air purifier to ensure the best possible, allergen-free air in your home. In return, you will experience a burst of positive energy brought on by light, nature, and fresh air.

Using Feng Shui to Boost Positive Energy in Your Life

Create a sanctuary 

In Feng Shui, it is very important that you have a space in your home dedicated to rest and meditation, somewhere where you can relax and spend some time alone. Where this will be, is completely up to you; it can be your bedroom, reading nook or patio. It is important that you feel comfortable in this place. You can introduce some colorful cushions, make sure there are several scented candles lying around and burn a bit of incense now and then. Having this place for yourself will allow you to disconnect a bit from the daily obligations and focus solely on yourself thus bringing your own energy into balance and surrounding yourself with positivity.

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Choose an open concept layout

Feng Shui teaches us is that it’s important to have free energy flow in our living space. Often, we tend to block our space with large pieces of furniture, preventing balance. Now, to maintain positive energy in your home, opting for an open concept room layout would be the best option so that energy can flow freely, enabling you to experience a rush of positivity each time you walk into the room. If an open concept is not an option, another way is to move pieces around, simply to prevent any one piece from restricting free passage through your home.

Avoid sharp edges

A study led by psychologist Oshin Vartanian shows that organic forms and rounded shapes elicit increased brain activity because they are considered more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, and Feng Shui has supported this notion for centuries! So, opting for furniture with round edges, along with a bit more earthy and natural colors can completely change the way your brain works as well as bring in positive energy because as human, we are bound to feel more comfortable and relaxed in a space with such design features.

These are just some of the ways we can use the ancient Feng Shui practices to boost our own positive energy as well as to improve the energy balance of the space we live in. In addition to providing useful advice regarding space, Feng Shui practice has great personal advice as well, like: ‘watch your words’. The words we speak, play a role in the energy attracted to our home. We should treat our home with love and respect, and by uttering words of love and compassion while in it, we, personally, can have a positive impact on ourselves and our family.

How we live, how we choose to go about our day to day is a reflection of who we are and can affect how we show up to the world. Take care of your home, your energy and then go on… conquer the world! 

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