I have mentioned over and over my love for beauty products. Everything that encompasses skin care tips, beauty tips, I LOVE! this love has moved down to my sister, Andre and recently I introduced her to one of my favorite beauty stores, Glossier. Today, we wanted to share our current beauty supply with you. We are not beauty experts and what we use is based on trial and error and the occasional visit to the dermatologist so we are not here to give you an “expert view” on beauty or skin care but you can be sure that this beauty supply is treating us well and we think you should give them a try!beauty supply - beauty store

  1. Glossier Priming Moisturizer – We both love this one as a day moisturizer! It doesn’t make your skin oily. (If shopping for the first time at Glossier, get 20% off, here)
  2. Glossier Super Glow Serum – I (Belen) used this one for one month and loved it because the serum was almost like water on my skin. Right now, I’m trying the Super Pure serum which is good for zits! (If shopping for the first time at Glossier, get 20% off, here)
  3. Ouai Clean Shampoo – Our scalp is also part of our skin so we better treat it right! This shampoo was a nice surprise. Great for oily scalp.
  4. Nubian Coconut and Papaya Hand cream We both use this one! After we wash our hands, in the morning and at night before bed – it’s a lightweight cream and it doesn’t leave your hands greasy like most hand creams.
  5. Rolex deodorant – We both use this one. Recommended by our uncle; it’s a brand that’s sold in Ecuador… not sure if it’s sold in the USA! Will try to find it and link it.

One of the things that stresses me out the most is when traveling, not having a place to carry all of my beauty supply. Here are some options we found to help you out when traveling! this one (Andre) &  this one (Belen)

beauty supply - beauty store beauty supply - beauty store

What does your current Beauty Supply look like? Tell us in the comments below!

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