Hey guys! Sooo, some of you might know that we went to Italy about 3 weeks ago for a wedding and were out of the loop for quite a bit. We’re starting to get back into our old routine, with way more espresso breaks that is humanly possible..while trying not to melt in this Miami heat.

This week, our WEEKLY FINDS are back! YAY! 🙂 Being in Italy for a little over a week inspired me to really step out of my shell for my wardrobe ideas. However, if you know me personally, or follow us on our Instagram page (@ahintoflifeblog), you might know that I have a weird sense of style sometimes and have a veryyy different style than my sister. On another note, over the past year I’ve grown into not really caring what people think of my style, and just worn what I feel comfortable in. Sooo, for the past month, I’ve been trying to find jean skirts that are not too revealing but not too long. Here are some that I found (fyi, because I am considered a petite, there are two petite skirts there for my petite lady friends!):

1. Hollywood Blue Vintage Denim Skirt
2. ASOS Petite Denim Wrap Skirt in Washed Black
3. ASOS Petite Denim Skirt in Washed Black
4. Express Mid Rise White Denim Distressed Mini Skirt
5. Noisy May Button Through Denim Skirt

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite! I already have my eye set on one 😉 

In case you missed our last post, “A New Twist on Date Night”, just click here~XO, Andrea 

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