By Belen Baquerizo

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Keeping it pretty down to the point of things I need, rather than things I want. Recently, I made a pact with myself to not purchase unnecessary things – and I’m really trying hard to keeping that promise. Here are some items I think are worth purchasing for a well-balanced lifestyle:

  1. After I came back from Italy, I realized how much I needed a portable charger. Being on-the-go, my battery is always dying… I recently got this Portable Smartphone Charger and it actually works! You’ll need it if you are traveling over the weekend and spending a lot of time outside.
  2. I’ve heard the new Philips alarm clock helps with boosting energy and bettering your mood through-out the day. I’m dying to try out this Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock
  3. Being a bit old-school, I take notes on a classic journal… much like this Red Heart Writing Journal
  4. Living in South Florida, it’s pretty weird (and sad) that there’s not a pair of white jeans in my wardrobe so, that’s one of the items I’ve been looking around for. I’m really liking these Summer Style Essential Skinny White Jeans
  5. Moorea Seal’s work to help you create 52 lists for the year that will help you reflect, acknowledge and invest in yourself to ultimately, transform your life.

It also helps that none of these items will break the bank! I’ll keep you updated on any of the products I decide to purchase… (HINT: Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock)

Plans this weekend? Share below!! Xo – Belen

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