A Hint of Life shares her wellness journey Like everything else, healthy eating is a journey and more than a journey, it’s a lifestyle. When we try to eat healthy because we HAVE TO, your mind will take it in as a need and not a want. Humans are meant to do things they want. If you notice, great leaders find a way to make you do things you WANT to do, that way you do it well and that’s how everything in life should be; health and fitness shouldn’t be any different.A Hint of Life shares her wellness journey

Getting into a healthy diet is not instant and you will not see results from one day to the next, that’s why it’s a lifestyle. It’s takes time and dedication but I assure you that once you commit to it even if you are not completely healthy every single day, you will see small changes coming from within you. When you go out to dinner, you’ll find yourself ordering a healthier version, you will stop ordering french fries and so on.

This past weekend, I tried Smoothie King Veggie Blend as a snack in-between breakfast and lunch. I ordered the 20oz Apple Kiwi Kale Veggie Blend and shared it with Luis which I think was a good idea because 20oz is a lot. The kiwi and apple made the smoothie refreshing and it helped me reduce my craving for sweets. We were having lunch at Luis’ aunt’s house and they made an amazing flan for dessert; without my veggie blend, I would have repeated the dessert at least twice.A Hint of Life shares her wellness journey

Smoothie King has been bringing new blends into the market for healthier choices; make sure you go to your nearest smoothie king and try their Veggie Blends as a snack or meal replacement. Sign-up here to receive a $2.99 coupon for your next 20oz smoothie!

Tell me about your wellness journey 🙂

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