What if today your life changed?

What if today you acted? What if today you got un-scared? What if today you did something that made you uncomfortable? What if today you made a decision to start something you haven’t done yet? To keep that promise you’ve made to yourself to become better? to do better?

What if you made the decision today to start. To jump. What IF that happened today? 

What if you chose to start today?

Because the risk of not doing anything is pretty damn predictable. You will continue getting the same results of NOT starting, if you choose NOT to start. Life is not going to change, you won’t get any results – that’s the risk of NOT jumping into your decision, your dreams. 

What if you accepted the risk of starting something, of moving yourself forward, of doing something extraordinary? What if you took all those risks and ran with them? Then, your risk of actually getting somewhere amazing is truthfully, very close to you. 

Do see what I did here? 

If you choose not to start, then, your life will stay the same. Same old, same old. Your risk here is 0 for failure, or 100 – you get to decide that. 

If you choose to start, then, your life will change. You will only go upwards and on-wards. So, what’s the risk there? it can be 0 again or 100 – you get to decide that. 

The truth here is, what kind of risk do you want? Do you want a risk that will keep you the same or do you want a risk that will propel you forward? 

I choose the second option. Everyday. Any Day. 

What do you choose?

I challenge you to do something significantly different in your life. I challenge you to take the risk because the rewards are on the other side, not where you sit right now. 

xo Belen

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