Let’s go back in time for a bit. I was a broke grad school student with a boutique, trying to make money online. I really wanted to make money from clothing sales so I didn’t have to go get a job. I wanted to be able to support myself so I could retire my parents.

The thing is, I was making only a few dollars a day, and many days no sales at all. That meant, I wasn’t able to support myself, let alone take care of my family. To make things worse, I felt terrible because my parents were getting into debt and living off of credit cards to support me and my dream. I felt worse about the situation because my business was supposed to be the thing that saved and improved our family finances. I felt like a failure as a daughter.

The problem was that I didn’t have a strategy in place or knowledge on creating awareness for my brand or driving traffic to my boutique. Which meant, suddenly, my website was no longer making any money so I had to shut it off. Which killed my only source of income at the moment.

That’s when I started getting into blogs like the Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni and Song of Style by Aimee Song, who taught me the secret of personal branding.

It was now clear to me how to make more money from every website visitor who came in, because I saw how many products they started launching all around the world.

I also learned that just having a blog website wasn’t enough to make money online, you need to create a sales strategy for your personal brand instead.

As a result, I started blogging and partnered with brands to promote their products.

After I did that, I started making money again.

Suddenly, I was making 10 sponsored posts a month, and was making $750 a week.

That’s when I realized that the secret to make money online was creating a pro-sales personal brand.

My plan was to start creating bigger brand partnerships that had better potential to build a sustainable business.

So I started promoting bigger brands like Neutrogena, Michelob Ultra, Walmart, etc.

The problem was, I found myself in the same spot I was with my online boutique. I wasn’t building a long-term sustainable business because I had to depend on brands to want to work with me, to make money. I submitted on average 20 brand applications every week, only to get a response from a few of them and once we locked-in a partnership, I had to buy the product myself, hire a photographer, create the content, publish, promote, only to get paid 60-90 days after. It took a lot of time, and money to publish content for each brand I worked with… it was exhausting PLUS, I was building their brand, not mine.

I got so frustrated that I ended up buying several online courses to learn more about online marketing & sales that would it make it really easy for me to make more money online with my own brand.

After 6 months, I felt confident enough to create my own digital product.

I thought I could create something that would make it possible for people wanting to make money online, to build a long-term personal brand within 6-12 months, what took me 8 years. I’d be really happy.

After 8 weeks of planning, strategizing, and developing we launched “Limitless Journey Online Course

I can now help others build a real, sustainable business, that they can have control in and not worry about building someone else’s brand.

As a result of all this, I will be able to achieve long-term success helping others build their personal brands.

By creating Limitless Journey, I will be able to retire my parents and eventually be able to stop working full-time, because I am now able to build a business that makes money 24/7 online with my personal brand.

And in the end, all of this means I will be able to enjoy the freedom of time while helping millions of people and providing a safe future for my family.

Thank you for joining me in this journey! feel free to message me on instagram or email me at belen@xobelen.com


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