A Hint of Life shares what to carry in your office pouch A Hint of Life shares what to carry in your office pouch Working Ladies! we are always in a hurry. Trying to wake up early to have a normal, calm morning but always waking up last minute in the morning and rushing out the door with a coffee in hand. Does this sound familiar? happens to me almost eeevery day! A Hint of Life shares what to carry in your office pouch When I started working full-time, I found that when in the office, I was always missing something. Sometimes I was having a bad hair day and wanted a hair clip, or my hands were dry and needed some lotion, or my nail broke and needed a nail file. We spend sooo many hours of our lives in the office that it’s inevitable for “emergencies” to happen. This is when, I had the BRILLIANT idea of an office pouch (I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to discover the office pouch, but it made my days sooo much better!).  The office pouch is meant to stay at the office, that way we never forget it at home :). Here are the things I keep in my office pouch:

  • Lip Balm – I have been using the Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter for the past weeks and really love how they make my lips so soft.
  • Lipstick – Red lipstick in particular! I keep a separate lipstick for work so I don’t lose my favorite lipsticks. This one is from Mary Kay – Coral Bliss. Here are two similar options around the same price range: Here & Here
  • Perfume – Yes! I keep a roll-on version of my perfume Dolce & Gabbana The One because you never know if you’ll go to happy hour after work or if you just need to refresh during the day.
  • Hand Cream – My hands always get dry so I use this awesome anti-aging, revitalizing and smoothing hand cream from Nubian Heritage. It smells amazing (Shea Butter) and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. I bought the Shea Butter option at Whole Foods but this aroma is also a good one!
  • Hair Accessories – I keep scrunchies, hair clips, a hair comb, just in case!
  • Nail File – A travel size nail file works great for when your nail chips.
  • Mirror – A travel size mirror works great as well. This can help you with your make-up or just whenever you need to take a close look.
  • Tea – I keep a couple of Chamomile teas because sometimes when I step out for lunch, the food can be a bit too heavy on my stomach so this helps my stomach ease a little. I also drink the tea in the afternoon to cut back a little on coffee (I can be a little obsessive when it comes to coffee and coffee dehydrates you, so tea is a much better option).
  • Pads – If you are like me, sometimes my period gets me by surprise so I have to be prepared at all times. It’s also good to have a couple of extra ones when you are in those days when anything can happen!

A Hint of Life shares what to carry in your office pouchAnd that’s it! Having this pouch at the office helps me in any kind of emergency during the week and also at the end it will help you save some cassh flow! If you keep your office pouch updated at all times, you won’t have to run to the convenience store to buy extra stuff so your budget will be in line.

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