The 2 things you need to know when hiring someone

So, I was recently promoted at my job and that means I get to hire a team. I had interviewed and hired people in previous jobs but somehow this one feels way more serious. At the end of the day, the team I hire is a reflection of me and I want to make sure we achieve all of our goals at the end of the year; you know?

I knew I had to learn more about hiring and interviewing and so I took a course online about it. Nothing crazy, just a few hours but it went into detail as to how you should screen a resume, conduct the interview, what questions to ask, etc. When the course was over I was surprised and happy about these two things I learned:

  • Don’t look to hire people like you 
  • Ask the candidate, when do they feel most alive at work and why.

#1 mistake people make when hiring is they always look for people like them! Well, time to change that up. If you hire people like you, YOU will never grow or learn different things because you won’t be challenged. Of course, morals and values should be a similarity you look for in a candidate but the way they manage themselves, or simply the way they work on a day-to-day should be different. Look for someone with a different personality, or someone that isn’t afraid to say “no” to you.

#2 It’s very important to ask this question because it will tell you the kind of person the candidate is. Did she/he feel most alive when she called in sick? or when she worked through-out the night because she couldn’t wait to present her idea to leadership the next morning? Do they feel most alive at pm when they are going to happy hour with their co-workers or when they have a brainstorm meeting with pizza?Listen carefully to the answer and the way they express themselves when answering. It’s not a typical question people ask at interviews so they might be caught off-guard but give them a few minutes to think about their answer.


I LOVED these 2 practices for success in hiring because I always thought “I need to hire someone that would do the job like ME” as if I’m SO amazing; you know?  little did I know, I would have made a terrible mistake if I had hired a person that would do every single thing the same way I did. We would have been bored and none of us would have developed professionally nor personally.

And that question…. I LOVE IT! specially because I’m so into self-improvement, self-development, self-help that I thought it was genius to ask that during an interview; Not only to X someone out and say “ugh that person sucks” but because when you are hiring someone, you are not only hiring someone to do a particular task, you are hiring that person to integrate with you, with the rest of the team, the customers and the rest of the organization. If the person you are interviewing is completely off on when he/she feels most alive in comparison to the company culture, no matter how great they are on paper… it is just not a good fit. Do not hire.

Take these 2 action items next time you are interviewing someone OR if you are the one being interviewed, go ahead and ask “what makes you feel most alive at work” to your interviewer – see what they answer and it should give you a pretty good idea about the company you are looking to work at.

When you are on an interview, remember, it’s a two way street. Both the interviewer and the interviewee are getting interviewed. Play the game, and keep the game on your side! 

Thoughts on this? Have you used this question before?

I want to know! leave me your comments below 🙂 xo Belen

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