What to do when your heart aches

I never thought of myself as a sad person or a person with depressive thoughts but my mind has been out to the test this past month; it’s been around three weeks that I can’t sleep well at night and the last five days got a bit dark on my side…not wanting to get out bed, not talking, not interacting and just going about my routine and work life because I had to, without any desire to really do anything. Wondering why we didn’t post anything during Thanksgiving break? this is the reason and it scares me. It scares me how our mind can control our everyday.

Yesterday, I had a better day… I worked, worked out, read a book about marketing and stayed active all day. Today though, I fell back to the scary side. Woke up because I had to, went to a meeting because I needed to, finished my to-do list because it’s my job and then it was 5pm and it hit me… I did everything I needed to do but didn’t really enjoy the ride through-out the day.

It’s definitely difficult feeling happy, staying grateful and seeing the bright side of things when your heart aches. I didn’t know you could feel your heart crumble inside of you but now I know it’s possible. It’s difficult following your dreams when your mind takes you back to your darkness but somehow we need to find a way. I need to find a way. How? I don’t have all the answers yet – This will be a journey for me. Luckily, the name of our business is A Hint of Life; right? reading, studying and sharing with you will be my therapy.

For now, these are the steps I’m taking to keep my mind busy and positive 🙂

  • Kayla Itsines 12 week program and today was the start of my second week.
  • Reading the book Contagious – If you are in marketing/advertising/design READ THIS BOOK!
  • Starting back up my Italian classes on the weekend
  • Signed up to #ShineOn – They send you positive thoughts every morning. Today I received my first one and it was right on point. Click here to sign-up 🙂

If you have any tips or have gone through something similar please leave me a comment below or email be at ahintoflifeblog (at) gmail (dot) com

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Xo, Belen

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