How to wear white in winter, Miami style

No white after labor day?? Yeaaa, no. If you are in Miami, you know white is always in style. Sure, we get a couple cold days – low 50’s is OUR winter  – but other than that, our winter is pretty much in the 70’s with a little breeze.

How to wear white in winter, Miami style How to wear white in winter, Miami style

Funny enough, these are my first pair of white pants since early college days. Yeap, it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve owned white pants but now that I have them, I’m taking FULL advantage of them! Anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY – How was your week? Mine was good. Not feeling EXHAUSTED which is a change from the last couple of weeks; this new year has been kicking my working butt! SO many things going on but all good (up until now!), let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Here are a few things I think are worth sharing, you know, to help you out in one shape or form. Sharing is caring!

  • CALM water has been a lifesaver for me this week. I’m going to continue using it and give you a full detailed post on it but, check out it here; it’s basically a powder you mix with water to de-stress and it’s been helping me sleep better.
  • Finished the book FIERCE by Aly Raisman – wrote a blog post about it, here.
  • Stress-relief night spray – I stole this spray from Andre’s (my sister) room and have been spraying it on my pillow and blanket right before sleep. TRY IT – it’s relaxing and makes you fall asleep faster.

++ Between my calm water and stress-relief spray, my mind is very happy with me at the moment.

How to wear white in winter, Miami style

Share with me your learnings, ups, downs of the week. LOVE to hear from you guys <3 Comment below, DM me or comment on my latest instagram or simply email me at belen (at)

++Oh, and in case you liked my outfit — white skinny pants, white skinny pants option 2  , similar flower top

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