Emotions can sometimes get in the way of work. Working for a start-up, everyone in my office is really close. We see each other aaaall day and there’s nothing in the office that can remain a secret for too long. This is good because transparency is key to have good company culture but sometimes I feel like this transparency blurs the lines of boundaries.
I want to talk about this because when you are in a small group in the office, you start feeling like it’s a second family and to be honest, I really think we are a little family: Everyone is starting out and we are trying to figure out how to make our little marketing company great but, the problem is, remembering that it’s work and decisions have to be made. Some decisions might benefits some but not all, and some decisions might not please you either.The trick is, to not take it personal. At times, you have to take a step back, breathe and flow with the big decision.
And this is when it gets hard: Your personal attachment with the business and your co-workers are clouding your emotions. Because something didn’t go as you planned it, or because you think your idea was better or someone shouldn’t have said xxxxxx, it doesn’t mean, the people in the office are out to get you or they would leave you hanging… it just means, it. is. work.
So, what can you and I do to stop mixing work with emotions? Well… take a walk! I do this after a particular meeting I didn’t like so much. I make myself a coffee and just go outside for some fresh air. I also like to look at my snapchat –> it can really clear your head, don’t you think? and Watching an interview of someone you look up to can also give you a lift to keep going.

Additionally, talking to yourself and calming your mind down also works. Wherever you are, work, no matter how fun and how integrated everyone is, sometimes things and decisions change… you have to learn to cope with them internally.

What do you do? 


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