Get the best out of working from home

Working from home is the best thing in the world (at least for me) but, being 100% honest, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Let’s talk about the benefits of working from home:

  1. No commute (MY favorite part)
  2. No outside lunches – love this because it’s easier to stay on track with you healthy habits as you are cooking at home
  3. Saves money – you are driving less, eating outside less and probably buying less cups of $5 coffee (MONEY in your pocket!)
  4. Don’t have to dress up everyday (Although I LOVE dressing cute, I remember when I worked in an office how dreadful it could get sometimes to wake up super early and have to put a “professional/fancy” outfit
  5. Less make-up! Skin is one of my favorite things and in my opinion, make-up gets in the way so working from home is a relief! No need to wear make-up everyday, making your skin HAPPY
  6. Sleep more – No 5:30 AM wake up call for an hour commute (YES!)
  7. Extra time to work on your passions, projects, family –> Hello improved a Hint of Life!

Now, all these 6 things mentioned above are wonderful but if you procrastinate or don’t plan your days ahead of time, all the benefits of working from home will disappear. I’ve been working from home since March 2017 and want to give you some advice you can put to practice if you are working from home now or will start soon:

  1. Plan your days ahead of time: I feel like I’m always saying this but it’s true. Put your schedule somewhere.
    1. in-person meetings
    2. Calls
    3. Deadlines
    4. To-dos’
    5. Doctor’s appointments
    6. Lunch dates/coffee dates
    7. Gym sessions
    8. Grocery shopping time?
    9. Visit to the nail salon?
  2. Wake-up at the same time everyday, no matter what! Again, maybe I’m repeating myself all over again but it’s necessary. Sometimes we are tired from work, we didn’t sleep well, we went out the night before and want to sleep-in but, although we have the luxury of sleeping-in and still getting our work done, DON’T DO IT. If you do, you’ll fall into the routine of doing so and your self-discipline progress will die.
    1. Set your alarm for the same time everyday and create a routine. Start your day slow and set the mood for the rest of the work day. Read a motivational book, meditate or head to the gym but get your mental clarity first before heading into work. You’ll be more productive.
    2. Some websites I go for daily motivation are: 
      1. Gabby Bernstein 
      2. Well & Good 
  3. Don’t use your phone that much – Remember when you worked in an office and didn’t want your boss to see you texting or browsing on your phone? While I don’t want you to feel trapped (hello! that’s the reason why we decide to work from home) be conscious of the little things you do throughout the day because they are stealing away your valuable time.
    1. Set breaks in your schedule. Coffee break, lunch break, mental break and stick to them.
    2. Don’t eat and work – this is completely impossible; no matter what people say, multi-tasking is not worth it.
    3. Use your breaks to re-charge your energy and use your work time to get stuff done. This will help you be done at a decent time and not have to sacrifice family/friends/passion project times.

Get the best out of working from home

+I’m a really crazy planner of my days and I take them very seriously because if I don’t plan them, nothing gets done and then Luis (my boyfriend) doesn’t want to see me because I’m very annoyed and in a terrible mood.

++ Here’s what you’ll need to plan your days: Google Calendar so you get notifications when you need to do something or be somewhere and a planner. YES! I’m old school but when I write something down, I remember it. I like the ones where you have enough space to write and can see the entire month lay out. This monthly planner is exactly the one I have, just in a different color.

Are planning on working from home soon? Do you already work from home? I want to know how you keep your motivation high!

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xo Belen

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