Would you rather be right or happy?

Would you rather be right or happy?

A question I should ask myself more often and was reminded of it on Saturday when I finished the book “The Judgment Detox” by Gabby Bernstein –> shop book here. 
If you are reading this post you are probably a woman. A career woman. An ambitious woman. An independent one. You and I are alike. Today, I want you to get out of this post as much as I’m putting into it. Honesty, realness, truth. I want you to leave this blog and be committed to being your true self.

As we continue to grow older, we started feeling like we are running out of time. Am I right? At least I’ve felt this way since as long as I can remember I’ve been focused, hard-headed, disciplined and an extreme hard worker. I’ve wanted to win. Now, I haven’t wanted to win by taking down others but I have always wanted to be the best and do no harm.

But, constantly trying to be the best (and doing no harm) comes at a cost. My happiness.I’ve always known I have a strong personality and want things my way but this past weekend I was reminded that joy and happiness come first.

Here’s the book that helped me.

How many times during the week do you choose to fight, discuss, bicker or judge someone else because “things are not done right” or “things could be better” or “why didn’t they do them this way?” – If we were in my room, my hand would be up. I’m guilty of this. SO guilty.

I choose, probably not in all of my senses, but I choose to be right all the time. Be it at work, at home, with my boyfriend – I can’t help it, I like to know the answers and I like to do things “perfectly”.

Rather than be more open to options and different ways of doing this, I choose to be right.

Well, today I want to re-think my mechanism because joy and happiness sounds waymore fun; doesn’t it?

Think about this: Committing to joy and happiness doesn’t mean you run from fear (fear of perfection or doing things your way); it means you honor your fear and use your spiritual (personal development) practice to realign with love as often as possible.

Know this:The level of success and flow in your life can be directly correlated with your alignment with love. The more joyful you feel, the more life will support you.

Make feeling good a priority. Do what feels good to YOU. Might be working out, might be meditating, might be reading, or might be dressing up. As long as it makes you joyful, do more of that; find more ways to keep going back to that and choose happiness over being right.

Remember, it’s your choice. No one else’s.

Here’s the book that helped me:
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xo Belen 

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